Middle School

6th-8th Grades

Ages 11-14 

Summit Schools began offering 7th/8th grades in 2017/18 - and this isn't your typical middle school experience! Summit's middle school is a 21st century village school journey, stressing mindful individualized learning which includes Iowa Core standards and independent project-based learning centered around student interest. Students envision their world through community engagement using interactive connections with outreach opportunities. Summit provides a secure environment for social and emotional growth where middle school students can be leaders and mentors to their younger friends while preparing for future success in high school. Each week Summit students experience Flex Friday where they take their learning out in the community.


"My child transferred from public school to Summit a few years ago. Not only does Summit differentiate for her academic needs, but the teachers also foster a sense of true community for her social-emotional development.  Summit goes beyond the curriculum to ensure students are becoming global citizens through projects that develop a sense of compassion, empathy, and community involvement. I wish all children had the opportunity to experience Summit." 

– Amy, Summit parent 

Cornerstones of Programming

Content-Focused Instruction

Summit Schools’ commitment to reaching every child means a commitment to various methods of instruction. While project-based learning experiences provide students with an opportunity to explore and discover, there are times when direct instruction in core curricular areas is best for students. Daily time for content-based experiences allows teachers the ability to work with individuals or groups of students who would benefit from extra guidance or extra practice in particular content areas.


Inquiry-Based Instruction

Commitment to general education as a common experience means that Summit Schools’ students spend a portion of their day exploring educational experiences together with their classmates. These common experiences help support our democratic society by teaching students how to learn together and work together, looking at the same experience from various points of view and finding and utilizing each student’s personal strengths. A problem-focused, broad-fields approach finds students diving deep into subject matter by examining it from the perspective of problems that are interesting to them and relevant to their lives.


An inquiry-based approach to student learning guides students through the process of discovery as they learn to question, explore, research, and think critically in order to take ownership of their education. By asking relevant questions about their own community and choosing to work in cooperative groups while exploring questions that are meaningful to them, students become partners in their learning. Inquiry means that even though Summit’s curriculum focuses heavily on general education as a common experience, personalized education maintains an influential presence, as student choice and personal backgrounds, interests, and needs are brought to the forefront of their education.



Summit faculty sees student evaluation as an evidence-gathering process, requiring multiple tools to gain an accurate barometer of achievement. Summit Schools uses standards-based assessment to evaluate student progress. Each grade level aligns its yearly standards and benchmarks with the Iowa Core Curriculum and uses student portfolios for formative and summative assessment to determine whether students meet those standards. Because evaluation is an evidence-gathering process that is both formative and summative, educators are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of instruction and students’ educational experiences. Approaching evaluation in this manner enables Summit’s faculty to achieve the mission and vision of our school.

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