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We love to share the story of Summit with prospective families.

You can learn more about Summit in a variety of ways:

2. Schedule a Visit

The best way to learn about what’s happening at Summit is to witness it. Private tours are an opportunity to see our facility and to catch a glimpse of our methodology and community. We encourage families to join us; we’re all in this journey together. If you are interested in scheduling a private tour, please email us. Please note: Students are invited to join a class for half a school day before enrolling.

3. Apply

Once your family and Summit’s staff has determined and agreed that this is the place where your child(ren) can flourish and grow, complete a formal application to secure a place in our classrooms. If your program of interest is currently full, your name and contact information will be added to a waiting list. Summit will reach out to you should the program have an opening.

Summit Schools does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, race, color, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin in the administration of our admission policies and financial aid programs.


Application forms to download:

• Enrollment Information  • Enrollment Letter  • Candidate Profile Form  • Learner Profile Form

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Admissions Process

We have attended Summit since 2nd grade. We’ve been through several teachers and a couple administrators. One thing that hasn’t changed is their dedication to their students. My child is able to be challenged while being supported in such a thoughtful, caring way that he has excelled in the classroom. Some of the things we LOVE about Summit are Ms. Pat, Ms. Larissa, Y.A.L.E., service learning, Flex Fridays, Ms. Rachel’s school lunches, the ski trip and the fact that they let kids be kids. They expect kind, caring, inclusive people and that is what they help create. The supportive parents and families are an added bonus. We have loved our 6 years at Summit!  ~Cassie M.

Tuition Schedules for the 2019/20 School Year
Summit Schools is a not-for-profit independent school. Tuition accounts for approximately 65% of our operating budget. Enrollment is now open for 2019/20 and we encourage prospective families to apply as soon as possible to ensure a spot for their child(ren) as classes are reaching our enrollment maxiximum of 16 students per class.
We strive to meet the needs of all of our applicants. Please contact us for more information.
Financial Aid available for K-8th Grade applicants

Summit offers financial aid from two pools: income-based and special case-based. Financial Aid applications are considered in each pool. Applications may be downloaded and emailed to the school or dropped off at our front office. Financial aid applications submitted now will be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to available funds. We encourage you to submit financial aid applications as soon as possible.

Please note, PreK students are not eligible for financial aid because tuition is already discounted.


* Summit does not have a counselor or persons on staff to support students with significant academic or behavior IEPs and/or 504s. We will ask you to complete an “Exchange of Information” form in order for Summit to discuss your student’s learning with your child’s current educational team. We do this in order to ensure that your child is receiving the very best educational opportunity – whether it is at Summit or another school.We do not generally accept students with an IEP unless the underlying problem is reading or speech or a service that Grant Wood AEA would bring to Summit on a regular basis. If the student’s IEP falls into this category, we would need to look into it further to determine if it is the best fit for Summit and the child.

Applying 529 plans to Summit tuition

With recent tax law changes by the federal government, the role 529 plans play in education funding has been expanded. Under the new tax law, up to $10,000 per year from a 529 plan can be used for K-12 private school tuition. Originally, there was a provision that would have allowed these funds to be used for certain home schooling expenses, but it was removed before the final vote.

Previously, 529 plan accounts (which grow tax-free) could only be used for “qualified higher education expenses.” These include tuition and fees, books, supplies, equipment, and room and board.  However, if the money is used for other purposes that are not qualified education expenses, the person receiving the distribution will be taxed on the 529 account earnings plus an additional 10% federal tax penalty will apply.

The new law provides more flexibility in funding your children’s education. However, it is important to remember that many variables come into play when making these decisions. Speaking with a financial advisor can help you gain clarity on the best utilization of your 529 plan for your child and provide context on how these decisions fit into a comprehensive financial plan.
Submitted by Summit parent and board member Chris M. Graw, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP® who is also a wealth management advisor with Northwestern Mutual.

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